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My full name is Louisa Antonia Maria Capossela.  Now you know why people call me “Big Lou.”  I grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.  My husband, Carmine, and I met as kids in high school.  Whatta looker, God rest his soul!  I told him to watch his cholesterol.  People!...this is not a dress rehearsal! 

I’ve been a widow for the last few years raising four beautiful children: Anthony, Joey, Angela and Vinny.

I had to learn to do everything myself since my husband didn’t take a big enough life insurance policy out on himself.  I can’t afford to pay someone else, and I’m sure not going to wait around for my no good cousin, Nicky, who left me hangin’ with a leaky ceiling for a year!  Nicky, I hope you’re reading this, you bum!

This site is for all of you who are living on a shoe-string budget with a can-do spirit!

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